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🛈COLLECTIVE VACATION 2019 HENRIMAQExpensive,customers and friendsWe inform that as of 12/20/2019,we will be on collective vacation, we will returnto work on 06/01/2020.Anticipate your parts orders,machinery and technical assistance.Talk to us in any of ourservice channels:       Phone: (+55) 049 3331 -3099      Whatsapp: (+ 55) 049 2020 -0397        henrimaq@henrimaq.com.brRead more🛈Did you know?We work with the programs, FINAME, BNDES AND MDA, our equipment has a registered code for you to finance.Our commitment is to be able to improve the development of our customers and for that we have great financial partners to facilitate your company to invest more and more!Make a budget with us without obligation, in any of our channels:   Phone: (+55) 049 3331 -3099   Whatsapp…Read more🛈Corn market has better performance among grainsThe corn market had the best performance among grains, closing October up by 7.68%, according to information from the daily survey of the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea). Chicago corn prices closed slightly down by 0.19% and the dollar appreciated by 0.55% in Brazil."But the big buyers of corn are supplied by constant purchases between mid-September and October and…Read more🛈BIMAQ offers the course NR12 - New Writing Ordinance No. 916, July 30, 2019 - Reading and Interpretation / Mechanical / DocumentationABIMAQ will hold the course ‘NR12 - NEW WRITING ORDINANCE No. 916, JULY 30, 2019 - Reading and Interpretation / Mechanical / Documentation’ which provides for the interpretation of NR 12 and its applications. The training is aimed at engineers, technicians, supervisors, managers and designers in the field of mechanics. It takes place on October 30 and 31.The lecturers are Marcelo Del…Read more
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