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MF 1000 Packing Machine#

Filling machine for volumetric dosing products with pneumatic drive for 1k cane doses. Fixed table, equipped with PLC, printed stamping machine and conveyor belt, production up to 65PPM. Products that can be filled: rice, beans, corn palomites, sunflower, etc.

Granular Packaging Machine#

Volumetric Doser with pneumatic drive for dosages up to 1k.
Messa Fixa,
Equipped with PLC, Datador Hot-stamping and Conveyor Belt, Production up to 65PPM. Products that can be packaged: rice, beans, popcorn, sunflower, etc.

Automatic packaging machine for dusty products#

Packer with horizontal welding table (up and down). Structure in carbon steel tubes. Quick centralization of the packaging with mobile roller support. Speed up to 60 PPM.
It comes equipped with a Doser to Pack wheat flour, corn flour, manioc flour, powdered milk, coffee, mortar and other similar products.

Packaging Machine MF 1000#

Máquina de embalaje para cereales 1 kg, dosificador de cajones, PLC y HMI Allem Bradley, estampación en caliente Datador, transportador de colector, producción aproximadamente: 60 ppm.

Packing machine MF 1000B Erva Mate#

Packer with fixed horizontal outlet table;
Traction of the packaging by harness straps;
Fast packaging centering with mobile rollers adjustment (automatic optional)
Speed with 01 scale, 18ppm and 02 scale 30ppm;
Equipped with Alfa scale feeder and Allen Bradley PLC.

Packing machine MF 1000B Yerba Mate#


* Used in the filling of canned products in jars; as:
* cucumbers, olives, millet, quail eggs and similar products.
* automatic filling, eliminating manual contact with the product.

Packing Machine MF 1000 FOUR WELDING#

Packer with fixed horizontal welding table; Belt traction; Four welds; Automatic unwinder; Equipped with scale feeder; Production capacity approximately 18 ppm with 01 scale and 30 ppm with 02 scales.
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