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Henrimaq Indústria de Máquinas is a company based in the west of Santa Catarina, specifically in the city of Chapecó, officially founded in July 2008 by the entrepreneur Genoir Donzelli, current partner-owner of the company, and his team of professionals with extensive experience in the packaging machinery segment. 
In addition to the packaging machines, Henrimaq also works on the development, commercialization and technical assistance of balers, hot-stamping daters, scales and related accessories, as well as other diverse machines and equipment, including customized according to the customer's needs.

Innovation is therefore a constant at Henrimaq, there are always challenging projects on the agenda, which, for this very reason, require total commitment from the team and great creative force to get off the ground and into production for the final benefit of our customers. In 2017, Henrimaq launched its website and started expanding its business with ac hiring new professionals and winning new customers. In addition, the physical space has undergone several renovations, becoming more modern and conducive to carrying out the works. 
Today, we are a solid company, prepared to face the challenges of the market.

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Address:Rua Pedro Henrique de Almeida, nº 241-E - Distrito Industrial Flávio Baldissera, Industrial
ZIP CODE:89813-830
Chapecó - Santa Catarina
+55 (49) 2020-0399Contact us now
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