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Corn market has better performance among grains#

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The corn market had the best performance among grains, closing October up by 7.68%, according to information from the daily survey of the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea). Chicago corn prices closed slightly down by 0.19% and the dollar appreciated by 0.55% in Brazil.
"But the big buyers of corn are supplied by constant purchases between mid-September and October and remained out of the market. With this, the average price determined by Cepea registered a 1.08% drop in the region of Campinas, the main source reference value for Brazilian corn. In the accumulated result for the month, corn prices appreciated 7.68% in the physical market and 8.45% in the São Paulo futures market ”, he comments.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the batch market remains totally blocked and prices have not fluctuated significantly. "In Paraná, businesses reported in the Campos Gerais region and in the north of the state continue to have prices in the range of R $ 40.00 / bag, at the factory, both on the spot and in the future. The prices offered by exports, for sellers distant 600 km port, rose to R $ 35.68 (35.53 from the previous day) for December, R $ 36.62 (36.46) and for March R $ 34.58 (34.48) for May 2020 ”, complete.

"Corn imported from Paraguay, on the other hand, would reach West Paraná around R $ 31.99 (R $ 31.81 previous); West Santa Catarina around R $ 35.37 (35.18) and the Extreme West of SC around R $ 34.88 (34.70) / bag, Argentine corn at R $ 53.26 (52.52) and American corn at R $ 59.17 (58.95) in the west of SC ”, concludes.

source: agrolink.com.br

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